About us

Soft Cactus & See You at Six are fairly new fabric brands (since 2014 & 2016), which focuses on the self-sewing market and the production of clothing and bed linen.
Our goal is to offer beautifulsoft, and yet affordable fabrics, with a wink and a smile - and which are a little 'prickly' like a cactus.
We like to make people happy and to get them inspired to create beautiful things with our fabrics.

Soft Cactus

Currently a cotton fabric collection comes out twice a year:
- having a wide range of colors
- divided in color sets to easily find matching fabrics
- also supported by matching solids, for liners, biais, rears, accents ..
- being a balanced collection, balanced color sets, balanced colors per design
- colors matching current fashion => creations can then easily be combined with sweaters, vests, stockings, tights, .. from the
- each design has its own identity and personality and gets its own catchy name
The fabrics are printed in Indonesia and South-Korea and are Oeko-Tex 100 (class 1) certified, which means they are safe for children and little babies.
Collection 1 to 3 is a combed cotton of 110 g / m², 145cm wide and has a soft hand touch.
Collections 4 and 5 are 120g/m² and also have a width of 145cm.
They have a very light, natural stretch to increase comfort
The fabrics may be washed at 30 °C and can be tumble dried on a low setting. 
(Although the fabrics have a minimal shrinkage and a very high color fastness, it is nevertheless always recommended to pre-wash the fabrics before processing.)

See You at Six (viscose/rayon)

See You at Six is a fabric line designed especially for ladies and little ladies.
The fabric is a soft viscose quality of which can be made stylish dresses, jumpsuits, long skirts, kimonos, scarves,... 
You can then dress up with your creation, for a date with friends, family or your loved one, for example at 6 o'clock ;-)
In today's ready-made clothing you encounter this fabric quality a lot because it is much smoother and drapes better than a classic cotton, but still breathes very well when you wear it.
The designs are rather quiet and modest, but have nevertheless their own individuality.
The fabrics are 140cm wide, weigh 120 g/m².

See You at Six PLAYTIME collections

For our See You at Six PLAYTIME collections we've chosen for a brand new concept. No viscose but a blend of soft French Terry and printed & solid High Density Cotton Lawn in a very beautiful quality.
Soft shades carry the upper tone and we opted for a limited number of fabrics in one color setting, which are mostly suitable for boys and girls.
In addition, we offer ribbing in the same colors as the French Terry to lift self-sewing projects to a higher level. We also designed two elastic waistbands and selected a very high quality bridal tulle to complete the collection.

The different collections, each time slightly adapted to the seasons, all blend so that one can create its own capsule-wardrobe, for babies, children or teens, with plenty of space for uniqueness and creativity!